Gem Research Myanmar Laboratory

Gem Research Myanmar Lab, referred to as "GRM." GRM is also the accustomed name for this authoritative identification and research institution in the gemological and business field.

GRM is a gemological research and identification institute, headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar, which was founded by Dr. AYA of British Myanmar in the 1980s. Its predecessor was a research institute composed of several applied physicists and geologists at Yangon University. This research institute, established after the Second World War, was dedicated to the research of colored gemology. Dr. AYA worked in the Mogok mining area all the year round with rich experience in mining areas, and was an absolute expert of Myanmar gemstones. GRM has a history of more than 30 years since 1986, which has always been committed to the research and application of gemology. At present, GRM has established several branches in Yangon, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with a gem identification, grading and evaluation laboratory.

Since 2000, GRM has been in corporation with the world's important gemological institutions to conduct origin traceability research and color grading of colored gemstones. After more than ten years of efforts, GRM has achieved remarkable achievements in the traceability of colored gemstones, especially in the gemological research of Myanmar origin, which gained widespread respect in the gemological industry.

GRM also keeps pace with the times and they have successfully performed accurate color grading of inlaid colored gemstones by using laser scanning technology, the latest spectroscopy technology and a huge database, as well as using computer technology to stimulate human neuron system of color perception. This achievement in the applied gemology has not been surpassed by peers in the academic world. This makes GRM's grading certificate of inlaid colored gemstone have an authoritative position in the international jewelry market.

As a rigorous and dedicated research institution, GRM inevitably has a conservative and rigid side in business operations. Dr. AYA’s team has been fascinated by gemstone research in Myanmar, which has prevented them from achieving commercial success in global gemstone market as other internationally renowned laboratories.

Currently the certificate services of GRM include:

  1. rough gemstones and jade identification.
  2. loose diamond grading.
  3. set diamond classification (including fancy color diamond classification).
  4. Evaluation of gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

GRM provides a gem identification certificate that supports global online enquiries. 

GRM Laboratory has maintained rigorous and rigid professional ethics for more than 30 years since its establishment. However, due to their deeply collaborative research with the gemstone origin, such a non-commercial research institution has obtained valuable mine data. For many luxury brands, mining companies, auction groups and insurance companies in the world, GRM's outstanding research results and valuable database are important resources in the industry.


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